A Kuala Lumpur Backpacker Story


Malaysia – Truly Asia: The KL Adventure

I’ve wanted to travel out of the country and see what the world has to offer beyond the Philippines. I was also conscious of the budget since I have not much to spare. Luckily, Malaysia is just a three-hour flight from home which can also offer a decent backpacker experience on a budget. So I dropped everything, stuffed my backpack with essentials and headed to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Malaysia is known to be a melting pot of many nationalities. Although KL appears to be modern, you can still see the reason why it uses the tag “Truly Asia.” Almost every Southeast Asian country has an evident influence in KL in terms of food, building architecture, temples, and mosques. International flights also have a stop-over in Malaysia specifically in KL. It can be the perfect place for people coming from halfway around the globe who wants to have a great Asian experience!

The place is notably westernized, and the citizens speak English very well. In case you get lost, people are welcoming enough to help you around. Also, it will be easy for you to find the most visited sites because they are readily accessible to transportation. On the other hand, local stores only accept Malaysian Ringgit (local currency), but hotels and restaurants accept international cards.

Read on for the Top Places you should not miss in KL!

Places to see in KL

Golden Triangle

Being KL’s business center, this is where most of the backpackers will stay. The place is lined with hotels and shopping establishments left and right. Best do your shopping and souvenir hunt at Bukit Bintang district. This is where you can get the best items at a fair bargain. Not only that, all the top western brands are available here for a posh kind of shopping spree! Top it all off with the amazing nightlife in KL – whether it be an acapella night, a rooftop-bar vibe, or go wild in its famous nightclubs – the place got it covered!

Last but not least, the majestic Petronas Towers. They say you haven’t been to Malaysia without having a selfie with the “twins”!

Old City Center

The Old City Center is the place for stocking photos and sight-seeing. The British influence is still evident especially at the Merdeka Square just in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Also, include visiting Chinatown and the KL Gallery in your list. It will give you lots of photos to talk about back home.


Do not miss Brickfields if you want a taste of Little India. Before it has been renewed as a tourist spot, it was a residential place of the citizens with Indian descent. Now run by the Indian Community of Malaysia, the place offers everything Indian – from food down to clothes.

Northern Suburbs

You would notice by now that KL is swarmed with mosques, temples, and churches. But you haven’t seen it all until you go to Batu Caves. It is a limestone hill that houses temples and caves which made it an important religious place for the Hindus. The hill alone is a 400-year-old spectacle while most of the temples date back to a century or more. Make sure you have yourself a good night sleep because going atop the place will cost you 272 steps!

NexTravel Tips

 It is ideal for visiting KL during May to July due to the weather. Since it is located in Southeast Asia, expect that it will be hot. March to April are the hottest months, and since KL may require a lot of walkathon going around, you may not enjoy it as much. The rest of the year is the rainy season. Unless you love the rain, then I recommend not going on these months.

When it comes to food, nothing ever beats the hawkers and even the high-end restaurants in KL. It is surely a diversion of spices and herbs found in Asia. Just be mindful on the kind of food you choose. Some may be too spicy to handle especially for those not used to it.

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