Hidden gems in Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands which can be found off the East African Coast, many places are still hidden from the tourists. There are many fun things that you can try out in Seychelles and many places to explore. Some of the hidden gems in Seychelles are listed below.

Top 5 hidden gems in Seychelles

Go sightseeing at Aride Island Nature Reserve
This reserve is located north of Praslin, and it homes wide varieties of bird species. The island is lesser known like Cousin or Curieuse Island, but the island features more breeding species than many other islands in Seychelles. There are much endemic flora and fauna which you will not find anywhere else on earth on the island, and you can explore this island through a tour group or helicopter service.
Go on a road trip to Police Bay
This is one of the best things to do if you are looking for adventure and the bay is situated south of Mahe. You will have an exciting journey to the bay as the road winds in and out of dense forest, and you will pass Anse intendance and clusters of houses before you get there. Although the beach is not good for swimming, you will still love the mesmerizing views from here.
Hike one of the trails on Silhouette Island
The trails on this island range from easy to, but the hiking of one of the trails will make you fall in love with the natural beauty of Seychelles. You will see scenic views across the Indian Ocean after you stroll through the national park secluded bays and you can proceed to the secluded beach which provides swimming opportunity. The highlight of the island is that you will discover varieties of florals and faunas on the hike.
Go on a day trip to Morne Seychellois National Park
This is a stunning green space located in Grand Anse Village, and it houses more than 10 hiking trails that you can explore on a full-day or half-day trips here. The highlight of the park is that you will get to see diversities of native flora and fauna in this park and it homes some endemic birds like Seychelles Scop Owls, Seychelles Bulbul and many more. You should also take Instagram good pictures of the Morne Seychellois.
Visit Port Launay Mangrove Forest
This is among the last and best remaining mangroves in Seychelles, and it is home to over 80 types of Mangrove trees which has been identified, and they are regarded as valuable to the zone.

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NexTravel tips

Three languages are spoken in Seychelles which are English used for commerce and law, French, and Creole which is commonly spoken. Creole was developed during the slave era as the French plantation owners need to talk with the Malagasy and African slaves. It makes the vocabulary similar to French with some other words and phrases which is from Swahili and Arabic
You can pay in euro, dollars, or the local rupee but it is preferred to pay in Euros in most places, but you will get better rates in rupees. You can use all significant global credit and debit cards to make a payment or use the ATMs.
This is among the reasons why tourists love Seychelles is that they have beach weather as the temperature is between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius all year round. The country has high humidity, and the rain is heavy and regular from November to January while it is windy between May and September.
Seychelles has a low level of crime and just to safeguard your properties, you should try and take some considerations like always locking the door to your hotel or guest room, you should try not to walk or swim alone on isolated beaches, try to take what you need along with you.
Tourist Etiquette
Tourist is not discouraged from collecting seashell, feeding of the tortoises and birds, or picking any flowers to protect the unique tropical flora and fauna. You can take flora like the famous Coco de Mer home as long as you have the certificate which shows that you bought it from a licensed retailer. You are also going to need an official export license before you can take it out of the country.
Social Issues
Revealing clothes should be avoided because they might cause offense and it is best to wear conservative casual wear. You should also try to ask for permission before you can take pictures of people and photography is not allowed in some areas like the airports.

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